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Shipping and Handling

Hongzilla ships its products to almost all parts of the UAE. Orders placed will be shipped within 24hrs for owned stock. Shipping time may increase for third party shipments. We ship on all days except Friday and National Holidays.

Estimated Delivery Time: The delivery will take place on same day or next day according to the delivery location.

The delivery date displayed while placing the order i.e. on the Product Details, Cart, Checkout and Order Confirmation page and in the order confirmation email are tentative. It may change once the order is shipped. Post shipment of the order, an Estimated Delivery Date will be displayed in the ‘Order Details’ under ‘My Account ‘ section which will help you to keep a track of the shipment status of your order.

Hongzilla ensures to provide a delightful customer experience by delivering the products as per the Estimated Delivery Date communicated as above, however, at times there might be unexpected delays in the delivery of your order due to unavoidable and undetermined logistics challenges beyond our control for which Hongzilla/Blessings Group LLC is not liable and would request its users to cooperate as Hongzilla continuously tries to resolve such instances.
Also, Hongzilla reserves the right to cancel your order at its sole discretion in cases where it takes longer than usual delivery time or the shipment is physically untraceable and refund the amount paid for canceled product(s).

Non-availability on Delivery: Our delivery partners will attempt to deliver the package 2 times before it is returned back to our warehouse. Please provide your mobile number in the delivery address as it will help in making a faster delivery.

ID requirement upon delivery: We, or our shipping partners, may at our sole discretion require you to provide evidence of your identity (by for example asking you to see your Emirates ID) or your chosen method of payment, at the time of delivery or at any other time.If we are unable to verify or authenticate any information you provide, we have the right to refuse delivery and cancel the order.