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There are many components to setting up a small office network, and they are broadly divided into hardware and software. The main hardware you will need to set up a good office network for your small office include:


Modem: This device will help your computer and other devices connect to the internet.

Router: This device will transfer the data from your internet provider to your device. There are many kinds of routers in the market, and the type you buy will depend on:

  • Number of devices you will have
  • Whether you are situated in a building with many other Wi-Fi connections
  • If you have any guest Wi-Fi requirements

All these will determine whether you will need a simple router or a commercial router.

Switch: This device will allow all the devices within the network to connect and share information within themselves. There are two types of switches to choose from; unmanaged and managed switches.

Patch Cable, Lan cable, patch cord: For a good wireless network within your office, you will need a good underlying wired network. Your bandwidth will depend on how good your LAN cables are.

Firewall: Security is very important for your network, and a dedicated hardware firewall will give you that.


Apart from this important hardware, you will also need items like a business projector, repeater to amplify your Wi-Fi signal, and access points.

When you need help setting up a small office network, Hongzilla is there to help you out. From hardware to installation, we have a gamut of products and services that will make this process easy.

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