Networking Products

No matter what kind of networking needs you have, Hongzilla is here to provide that for you. From installation services to providing LED strips, we are your one-stop shop.

We offer three kinds of network cable installation services along with products. Our cabling services for both Data and Phone as well as for:

  1. Cable termination
  2. Cable pulling
  3. Fluke testing
  4. RJ45 Connections
  5. Labelling

Along with that, we also provide fiber optic splicing and connection services. Need to connect channels between different floors or buildings within your premise? Then this is the service you need. It is also needed if you are setting up a fiber optic workstation or a data cabling system.

For your Data Center to run smoothly, it is best to have a raised floor installation. With the raised floor system, your Data Center will have this important functionality:

Cable management: Tripping over exposed cable is a real hazard but with a raised floor, all of them are concealed below the floor giving you a clean aisle and racks to work with.

Efficient cooling: The airflow below the raised floor offers cool air from below your equipment which often gets heated due to the amount of work they do.

Efficient Grounding: Though your raised floors are not grounded, they have easy access to building floors giving you the perfect way to dissipate static energy.

Hence for a great Data Center, you need to have raised floors. And we here at Hongzilla are ready to provide you with this service.

So, next time your need networking products or cable installation, don’t forget to contact us. Call us at 050-742-8569 for quick network cable installation services.

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