COVID 19 Products

In this time of the pandemic, it is not advisable to go out of the house unnecessarily. However, we need daily essentials and other things to lead our normal life in this ‘new normal’. You can trust Hongzilla to buy covid 19 products online at reasonable prices — the possible earliest shipment of products and guaranteed product availability.


  • The Ultraviolet ceiling lights are designed to either be suspended from walls or recessed directly into the wall, save a lot of space, and give an aesthetic and simple look.
  • The UV LED light is two in one product; power flux of light in homes and provides continuous air purification, free from viruses and bacteria.
  • The UVC light is filtered, the incoming light is free from all the harmful chemicals, so it doesn’t cause any damage to your family & pets and reduced the total volatile organic compound (tvoc) concentration.
  • The luminous efficiency of light is 120Lm/w, and output efficiency is 3600lm.
  • The LED feature of the light gives a modern look, and the UV light features antiviral and antibacterial properties.
  • The UV sterilizers release the chemical in the form of light, where UV lights spot the microorganisms and kill them, hence preventing the further spread of infections.

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