Cables and Racks

Network racks are essential for any establishment that houses servers. A network rack is needed to house routers, patch panels, networking accessories, switches as well as all kinds of networking equipment.


Few things are to be noted when buying network racks or cabinets. First, it is often shallower than server rack cabinets and will measure less than 31 inches deep. Second, the doors of a network cabinet are either made of tempered glass or strong plastic. Third, network cabinets don’t have a perforated enclosure. This is because the equipment generally stored in these types of the enclosure is not that heat-generating like those enclosed in a server rack.


Now let’s consider what to look for when buying network racks.

  1. The first thing to consider is the rack unit. One rack unit is 1U. Hongzilla has a wide range of rack cabinets starting from 6U to going up to 47U.
  2. The second thing to consider is the dimension of the racks. The network cabinets will house many of your network equipment and accessories, so consider your future purchases in mind when buying one. The thumb rule is to buy something that is 10% bigger than your requirement.
  3. Security is the third thing to consider. The network racks need to be secure so that there is no data breach. This is why our network cabinets come with a secure set of keys as well as a 5.0 mm thick tempered glass door and 2.0 mm thick steel body.


You have to do due diligence when buying your network cabinets. If you have any questions regarding your requirement, we at Hongzilla are there to guide you in this regard.


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