Access Control Products

Amplify the security of your homes, offices, or business areas by regulating who can view or enter the environment by using the Hongzilla access control products. We provide two different types of access control products i.e physical and logical. Both of the products are widely used in multi-storey offices to ease the hassle of staffing. The varied range of access control products doesn’t compromise the working temperature, storage capacity, and other important factors.

We provide facial recognition security devices that recognize the face and keep a note of the date and time of the visitor for future reference.

We secured a four-door network system, which runs in the presence of a specific software provided by us and can also work in the local network.

The touchpad access controller comes in three different variations;

  1. The waterproof model having size 86x86x20mm, uses the EM or MF card type distanced at a maximum of 3 – 6 cm.
  2. Electric Outdoor access control model is designed to read cards at a 1- 1.5 cm distance, having card type EM or IC. The product works within 60 degrees Celsius and has a storage capacity of 15000 users.
  3. The last access control product is featured with a LED light button and touch display. It operates on a unique pin.

Taking your security to a level up, we are present here with the 18*104g holding magnetic force lock. It works on the law of electromagnetic induction (EMI). Check out the collection and order the best access control products now.

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